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How Our Pricing Works

Prices Starting @ $75

(Psst…ask about our cash price discount!)

Our junk removal prices are all-inclusive, which means you get:

  • Two professional, uniformed and insured crew members
  • Junk removal from anywhere on the property or in the home
  • Lifting & loading into our truck or trailers
  • Recycling, donating and disposing of items
  • Transfer station fees / Dump fees
  • Gas and travel

We charge by the volume your items fill up in our trucks. Our trucks have a volume of 480 cubic feet (12ft x 8ft x 5ft). A full load can fit about a one bedroom apartment. Our minimum charge is $75 and our prices go up from there. A full load can fit about a one bedroom apartment. Due to the fact that every job is different its hard to just quote prices over the phone or Internet. Thats why we offer free on site no obligation estimates. But we can still give you a rough estimate over the phone. Just call or click on book now to set up an appointment. All prices include up to one hour of labor, however, if the project is a large property, high rise apartment with limited access to our trucks, or a site with multiple obstacles additional labor charges may be added.

Prices vary based on which ever vehicle we use at your appointment but don’t worry prices still break down the same amount per cubic yard. Price breaks down to $26.60 per cubic yard.

  • Our TRUCKS have a volume of 480 cubic feet or 18 cubic yards (12ft L x 8ft W x 5ft T).
  • Our TRAILERS have a volume of 390 cubic feet or 15 cubic yards (12ft L x 6.5ft W x 5ft T).
  • A full load can fit about a one bedroom apartment if stacked correctly.


$75Minimum Size Load

$99 – $1191/4 Size Load

$149 – $179tabprices_3_8

$199 – $239tabprices_1_2

$249 – $2995/8 Size load

$299 – $3593/4 size load

$349 – $4197/8 size load

$399 – $479Full size load

Bed load Rates

(Really heavy stuff like concrete & dirt)

Bed load items consist of dense/ heavy materials like concrete, dirt, sod, drywall, shingles, or rocks. Bed load prices are based on cubic yards with a three cubic yard limit. Bed load prices are priced different than regular junk loads due to the weight and labor needed to load up the material. $150 per cubic yard.  Ask for details.